chapter  Chapter 6
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Offsite construction industry meta-analysis

Industry survey results
WithTalbot Rice, Ryan E. Smith

Offsite construction is widely adopted in the US and more present than in any period in history. While the emergence of building information modeling has stimulated the popularity of prefabrication methods, the industry remains reluctant to adopt methods of prefabrication. One explanation is that there is little substantial quantifiable data to support the benefits of prefabrication in construction delivery. To enumerate the claims of prefabrication performance, there have been efforts to conduct industry-wide surveys and reports. The chapter presents an overview of the three surveys and provides a summary of each survey and the comparative overlaps. The main purpose of these surveys is to identify the key performance indicators associated with offsite construction. The surveys identify barriers and substantiate claims for the industry. The McGraw-Hill Construction survey did not directly ask questions regarding productivity; rather, the report has key interviews with construction industry leaders.