chapter  Chapter 24
Boko Haram
ByJacob Zenn, Zacharias Pieri
Pages 14

Boko Haram is a violent takfiri jihadist movement operating in the Northeast of Nigeria and whose operational reach extends into the neighbouring countries of Niger, Chad, and Cameroon. This chapter argues that Boko Haram is a movement that is adept at negotiating the geo-cultural terrain in which it operates to further advance its aims and objectives. It focuses on the background of Boko Haram, the origins of the movement and its development, key leaders, and ideologies. The chapter examines how Boko Haram has been tactile in changing strategies and tactics while remaining focused on core ideologies. It argues that the movement has developed beyond a local organization that solely affects Nigeria, but rather that it has managed to establish itself as a regional movement, threatening the stability of not just Nigeria but also the Lake Chad region of West Africa. The chapter demonstrates, through tracking and mapping, Boko Haram attacks beyond the borders of Nigeria.