chapter  Chapter 9
Right-wing terrorism
The strategic dimensions
ByGeorge Michael
Pages 11

Several studies suggest an increase in right-wing terrorism in America. The primary feature of extreme right ideologies is nationalism. But typically, the extreme right rejects a civic nationalism in favor of an ethnic or racial nationalism which implies internal homogenization. There has been considerable debate in the extreme right subculture on the appropriateness of terrorism and violence. Historically, Jews have been identified as the primary enemy of the extreme right. Although Jews have long been considered the traditional enemy of the extreme right, more and more Islam is seen as the principal threat, at least in Western Europe. The appropriateness of violence has long been discussed in extreme right subcultures. Some advocates of political violence argue that the electoral route to victory is unrealistic. Therefore, to attain their desired end state, violence at some point in the future will be necessary. The extreme right went into a period of retrenchment and soul-searching on the topic of revolutionary strategy.