chapter  4
European Union
Imperial geopolitics and enforcements chains
ByJózsef Böröcz
Pages 15

This chapter focuses on the supra-state public authority of the European Union (EU) as an instrument of a strategic coalition among west and central European capital, state apparatuses and populations, aiming to optimize their geopolitical position under the new conditions. The resulting land-based, concentrically hierarchical, contiguous supra-state public authority, that is, the EU, cannot be considered a state because it lacks, and explicitly excludes, the possibility of an executive apparatus of its own. It also describes the EU's strategy of reliance on both external and internal actors to provide for the execution of the EU's legal output, and to safeguard the EU's interests in a broader sense. To put it bluntly, the EU seems to be running out of states to swallow. The chapter then considers a number of hypothetical scenarios for future enlargements of the EU in the context of EU's global weight competition with China and India.