chapter  6
Spatializing Practices at the Intersections
Representations and productions of spaces
ByGerhard van den Heever
Pages 13

Works of literature are redolent of spaces and places, yet conventionally the study of literature in general is not characterized by an equal interest in place-making as a space-making as an essential aspect of literary production. If culture is the broader arena in which spatializing practices occur, then literary production needs to be analyzed as a social-political aspect of cultural performances. This chapter concerns works of literature as the artefactual remains of spatializing practices, and the recalibration of the study of literary spatiality to make visible, to conceptualize, and to theorize the social-rhetorical function of literary works as tools or artefacts of spatializing practices. The focus on space and spatiality has come to exert a deep-running influence on the human and social sciences. Even though space is theorized as social construct, the materiality of the space-construction is often left unspoken and untheorized.