chapter  11
Interpreting for Generals
Military interpreters in Finnish propaganda photography
ByPekka Kujamäki
Pages 12

The images from front-line interpreting situations illustrate short-term translational spaces such as radio surveillance or loudspeaker announcements prior to an attack, captured enemy soldiers sitting in groups with an interpreter, or individual POWs being interrogated immediately after their capture. The search for framed military interpreters cannot be based on textual information alone, but must also look at "assumed interpreters" or "assumed translational spaces. The materials were created by the Finnish military for the home front with the goal of convincing the audience of the successful advance of Finnish troops on the Karelian Isthmus and around Vyborg. The capture of General Vladimir Kirpichnikov became a wartime media event in which the propaganda reporters, photographers and film-makers of the Finnish Armed Forces produced a multimodal set of reports, pictures and film inserts of the meeting between the defeated general and his triumphant counterpart.