chapter  15
Interpreters in the Field
Friends or foes?
ByMaría Manuela Fernández-Sánchez
Pages 9

This chapter discusses the Korean and Vietnam wars and good examples of the practice of photojournalism. The practice of photojournalism expanded with the invention of hand-held cameras like the Leica, the growth of news agencies and the popularity of illustrated news magazines such as life. In research on the history of interpreting, it is not a frequent occurrence to come across photographs of wartime interpreters, and even less frequent for the interpreters to be their main focus. More interestingly, the visual character of the photographic source gives us access to the physical appearance of interpreters and their communicative activities, contributing to the documentation of an important dimension of armed conflicts that often goes unnoticed. With respect to photographic images depicting interpreters in the Korean War, the sources consulted document the presence of interpreters from different geographical and cultural backgrounds in a variety of settings.