chapter  5
The Minoritization of Interpreting
Cultural brokerage between incapacitation and self-empowerment
ByBirgit Mersmann
Pages 10

Focusing on interpreting for social and public services, community interpreting is sub-classified into legal, medical, police and asylum interpreting. Cultural interpreting is key to the community interpreting process at stake here, as the task of the interpreter is to cross-culturally translate "on escort" while moving directly through the field of translation. The photograph of Yussuf, the Abyssinian interpreter, shows the interpreter in the field of translation near a village settlement in the Ethiopian grasslands. The aim is to assess colonial child language brokering through the lens of ethnographic news and travel photography, as a means of visualizing interpreting history. The anonymous photographer has taken the photograph of the Abyssinian interpreter Yussuf in his own field of translation and protected zone. Colonial photographic translation and minor interpreting reflect each other: the photographer admits only a partial, inappropriate representation and recognition of the child interpreter empowered through his role as cultural broker.