chapter  9
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Everyday Life in the Shadow of the Debt Economy

With C. George Caffentzis

This chapter examines some dimensions of everyday life that have been affected by the development of a debt economy. The chapter examines the anti-debt movement that is appearing in the United States and is aiming to constitute a revolution of everyday life in the shadow of the debt economy. The relation of capitalists' everyday life to debt is one of the mainstays of literature from Merchant of Venice to Buddenbrooks, but the entrance of the debt economy into the proletariat's everyday life is a relatively recent development. The crisis of 2008, people are witnessing the formation of a debtors' movement in response to the debt economy and its counter revolution of everyday life. This revelation is a very powerful moment in the formation of a debtors' movement group, and the anxiety surrounding it can be intense. In 2011 all these revelations were transformed into an organization; occupy student debt campaign (OSDC).