chapter  10
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From Crisis to Commons

Reproductive Work, Affective Labor and Technology in the Transformation of Everyday Life
With Silvia Federici

This chapter discusses the emerging 'politics of the commons', asking how it may transform our reproductive relations and under what conditions it may become the path to a society not ruled by the logic of the state and the market. Commons, in this context, are both objectives and conditions of our everyday life and struggles. In an embryonic form, they represent the social relations we aim to achieve, as well as the means for its construction. The chapter focuses on the current reproduction crisis, with particular reference to the situation in the United States. Because of the double load to which many are condemned, the long hours of work and low wages, and the cuts of essential reproductive services, for most women everyday life has become a permanent crisis. The recognition that everyday life is the primary terrain of social change and within it they find a critique of institutional and political orthodoxy has a long history.