chapter  11
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Frozen Fluidity

Digital Technologies and the Transformation of Students’ Learning and Conduct of Everyday Life
With Ernst Schraube , Athanasios Marvakis

This chapter focuses on the relevance of digital technology for learners and their learning activities. They start by conceptualizing learning as a basic human activity for appropriating and changing the world, rooted in our conduct of everyday life. Drawing on situated and participatory learning theory, and especially on the work of Klaus Holzkamp, people develop this approach to learning as arising from the standpoint of learning subjects by identifying the crucial role of the fluid, mutual entanglement of learning and teaching. However, the main focus of learning is on the students' problem-oriented project work, and all other forms of learning and teaching are structured around this. The chapter provides an overview of the university's learning environment, and offers some thoughts on how far digital technologies can contribute to the development of expansive learning and the fluidity of learning and teaching.