chapter  2
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Conduct of Everyday Life in Subject-Oriented Sociology

Concept and Empirical Research
With Karin Jurczyk , G. Günter Voß , Margit Weihrich

The sociological concept of the conduct of everyday life attempts to grasp society from the everyday lives of people performing actions in the various areas of their lives. The basic premise of the concept is that people have to tackle all of the different and in some cases contradictory demands that they encounter in the various spheres of everyday life. Kerstin Jurgens describes in more detail the processes of the everyday concurrence and of the intertwining of individual life conducts within the family in research closely aligned with the Munich project group that examines the familial conduct of everyday life of industrial workers. The empirical research initiated by the project group, the conduct of everyday life in eastern Germany after reunification also led to results that were interesting from the point of view of modernization theory and conceptual aspects. The conduct of everyday life can prove to be a resource, but also a restriction.