chapter  7
19 Pages

Situated Inequality and the Conflictuality of Children’s Conduct of Life

With Charlotte Højholt

This chapter contributes to the discussions about conduct of life with a focus on conflicts of everyday living and their relatedness to broader social conflicts. This provides a focus on the unequal conditions persons live with in relation to dealing with these conflicts. With the concept of situated inequality, chapter draws attention to the social distribution of possibilities for taking part in and influencing different social contexts. The chapter political conflictuality is discussed as social conflicts about how societal problems should be understood and handled, and it is argued that people find these conflicts in our situated analysis of people's interplay in everyday life. When they overlook the social complexity of children's daily lives and the ordinary difficulties in relation to conducting a child's life, people overlook the general basis for the conflicts and how the children are positioned differently in relation to managing the general challenges.