chapter  5
Why so few? The role of social iden tity and situ ational cues in under stand ing the under rep res ent a tion of women in STEM fields
ByKathryn L. Boucher, Mary C. Murphy
Pages 19

Consider this scen ario. Sarah is in her first year of college/univer sity and is excited to be an engin eer ing major. Sarah feels prepared for her course work as she got great grades in her past advanced maths and science courses and received high scores on her college entrance exams. Although there were slightly more male students than female students in her past maths and science classes, Sarah felt like she belonged and was accep ted there. However, when she arrives at her first college classes, she is surprised to find that the vast major ity of her class mates in maths and science classes are male and most of her instruct ors are also male.