chapter  6
The educa tional exper i ence of students from low socio­ economic status back ground
ByJolanda Jetten, Aarti Iyer, Airong Zhang
Pages 14

Education is an import ant social mobil ity route; those with higher and better degrees enjoy greater occu pa tional success and acquire greater wealth over the course of their lives. For example, research has shown that univer sity gradu ates obtain a better salary (Hossler and Coopersmith, 1989) and have higher life time earn ings compared to those without a univer sity degree (Marmot, 2004). One would, there fore, suspect that (espe cially when educa tion is access ible and open to all) those from lower socio­ economic status (SES) back grounds would be partic u­ larly motiv ated to pursue a good educa tion because this consti tutes the most straight for ward way to improve indi vidual status (Tajfel and Turner, 1979; Wright, Taylor and Moghaddam, 1990).