chapter  8
Education and social parti cip a tion: civic iden tity and civic action in formal and informal educa tion contexts
ByEmma F. Thomas, Craig McGarty, Avelie Stuart, Girish Lala, Anne Pedersen
Pages 16

Here, we bring together work on educa tion and civic iden tity with insights from the social iden tity approach to answer ques tions that have long concerned educa tion, devel op mental and polit ical schol ars: How do we encour age a sense of civic iden tity through the educa tion process? What is the role of formal and informal educa tion in encour aging the devel op ment of civic iden tity? While civic iden tity has primar ily been considered from an Eriksonian iden tity perspect ive (e.g., Crocetti, Jahromi and Meeus, 2012; Yates and Youniss, 1998), the social iden tity approach has much to contrib ute to these ques tions. We describe these contri bu tions in further detail below.