chapter  10
The role of psycho lo gical need satis fac tion in promot ing student iden ti fic a tion
ByKatharine Greenaway, Catherine E. Amiot, Winnifred R. Louis, Sarah V. Bentley
Pages 17

The trans ition to univer sity is a chal len ging period of adjust ment and change (see also Cruwys, Gaffney and Skipper, Chapter 11, this volume). Students are expec ted to let go of a high school iden tity and embrace a new, more inde­ pend ent univer sity iden tity. Individuals who manage this iden tity trans ition and develop ties with their new group member ship have an advant age over those who do not. As is true in most domains of life, identi fy ing with an educa­ tional group – such as a partic u lar school or discip line or, more gener ally, as a student – confers decided bene fits in terms of personal well­ being and academic success.