chapter  15
Student iden tity and the market isa tion of higher educa tion
ByStefanie J. Sonnenberg
Pages 20

This chapter explores the role that wider socio­ economic processes play in forging iden tit ies in higher educa tion (HE). In partic u lar, it considers the social­ psycho lo gical consequences of students’ posi tion ing as ‘custom ers’ or ‘consumers’ in the wake of the current global trend towards the market isa tion of HE provi­ sion (e.g., Brown and Carasso, 2013; Molesworth, Nixon and Scullion, 2009; Newman and Jahdi, 2009). In doing so, the chapter seeks to high light the extent to which social iden tit ies in HE are not solely a func tion of intra­ insti tu tional or inter­ insti tu tional processes but, instead, are also determ ined by the polit ical and ideo lo gical forces that shape the broader socio­ economic contexts in which our HE insti tu tions are embed ded.