chapter  16
Stereotyping and the devel op ment of clini cians’ profes sional iden tit ies
ByBryan Burford, Harriet E. S. Rosenthal-Stott
Pages 18

In this chapter, we argue that profes sional iden tity can be seen as an instance of social iden tity. That is, profes sional iden tity is an indi vidual’s self­ concept defined in terms of his or her member ship of a profes sional group. First, we outline research that exam ines profes sional iden tity in the clin ical educa tion setting and discuss the paral lels to, and applic ab il ity of, the social iden tity approach to this research. Second, we discuss issues surround ing stereo typ ing and how it relates to profes sional clin ical iden tity. Third, we suggest how these issues are reflec ted in inter group rela tions in the work place. We link the theor et ical issues to concrete examples of prac tice and poten tial educa tional impact through out the chapter. Finally, we identify ways in which these issues may be applied to ques tions of educa tional prac tice and policy.