chapter  19
The social construc tion of teach ers’ iden tit ies: finding connec tions in social iden tity and post­ struc tur al ist perspect ives
ByEmma Rich, Kenneth I. Mavor, Louisa Webb
Pages 16

The story of this chapter begins with two siblings – academ ics with a common interest in the nature of iden tity, but from very differ ent back grounds: Ken Mavor in social psycho logy and Louisa Webb in teacher educa tion and phys ical educa­ tion pedagogy. Ken’s back ground is in social iden tity theory (SIT) and self­ categor isa tion theory (SCT) approaches, and Louisa worked from a Foucauldian, post­ struc tur al ist perspect ive – two approaches which might be exper i enced as mutu ally incom pre hens ible given differ ent tradi tions, methods and termin o logy.