chapter  15
Afterword: Reflections on Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy Integration
Pages 21

As I reflect on the rich set of contributions in this book, a range of themes and issues strike me as noteworthy. I will not attempt to systematically comment on each chapter individually, which would be a tedious and ultimately uninteresting experience for the reader to encounter. Rather, although I will consider certain distinctive features of particular contributions, I will primarily consider the set of chapters in its totality and reflect on their implications both for the integrative movement in general and for my own approach to psychotherapy integration-an approach that has continued to evolve and change over the years and that will likely further evolve as a consequence of encountering these chapters. As an active participant in both the psychotherapy integration movement (e.g., Wachtel, 1977a, 1987, 1997) and the relational movement (e.g., Wachtel, 2008), I hope to offer a useful perspective on how the two enhance and enrich each other.