chapter  12
Getting by Beyond Work, or the Intertwining of Production and Reproduction among Heavy Industry Workers and Their Families in Ferrol, Spain
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This chapter is based on an ethnography1 of heavy industry workers in Ferrol, Galicia. The region’s economy is largely dependent on the state-owned shipyards of Navantia, formerly Bazán, which have undergone a restructuring process since the 1990s that threatens the continuity of the local industrial fabric. In contrast with this general situation, a family-owned steel plant founded in the 1950s continues to thrive, even during the first years of the present economic crisis. Its success can be attributed to the profitability of the plant, to the tight discipline imposed on workers by an authoritarian employer and to the flexible adaptation of production to changes in demand. The support of local authorities, who value the company as one of the few remaining sources of employment in the region, and the company’s close connections with national and international distribution networks, may also account for its success.