chapter  14
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The role of social media in counselling and psychotherapy


Internet technology developments have become part of the fabric of our everyday lives. The use of technology in psychological therapy in general has been controversial in relation to conflicting paradigms, which present challenges when seeking to integrate technology into established psychological theories (Abney and Maddux, 2004). With the advent of the World Wide Web and the internet in the early 1990s, recent decades have seen rapid growth in the use of web-based therapy as reflected in the growing body of literature in this area. New terms to

describe online intervention and delivery modes are gradually entering our professional lexicon, for example:

Cybertherapy (e.g., Callahan and Inckle, 2012); E-therapy (Castelnuovo et al., 2003); Avatar-based therapy (e.g., Nagel and Anthony, 2011).