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Hans Meyer and Clay Carey of Ohio University surveyed both journalists and online news users throughout the United States to explore how journalists might better use social media and other digital platforms to revolutionize community-physical or otherwise-in virtual spaces. Their research unveiled several key ingredients to creating a vibrant cyberplace where people can participate and feel a sense of belonging: interaction with content producers themselves, immediate and engaging responsiveness, and direct connections. Similarly, theorizing about this shift in audience relationship, Seth Lewis of the University of Minnesota, Avery Holton of the University of Utah, and Mark Coddington from the University of Texas at Austin conclude the special issue by introducing the concept of reciprocal journalism: a way of envisioning how greater reciprocity between journalists and audiences, facilitated by digital media, might lead to better journalism in the community context. Both essays argue that community journalists can use such approaches both to reconnect citizens to the physical locality of the community and to recreate that community in virtual realms.