chapter  23
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Prole and Interview with Fusako Kuramochi

(b. 5/14/1955, Tokyo)

In high school, Fusako Kuramochi applied to manga schools, where mangaka and editors from publishing companies host competitions and give free correspondence courses aimed at discovering and developing new talent. Kuramochi  received awards regularly. In 1972, as a senior in high school, she received the gold medal (highest award) for amateur mangaka from the monthly manga magazine Margaret for her work Meganechan no Hitorigoto (Megane’s Monologue), which became her professional debut. After high school, she attended Musashino Art University, studying Japanese painting for

ve years, but left after deciding to devote herself to becoming a full-time professional mangaka. For Margaret, she created school love comedy/ dramas such as Shiroi Aidoru (White Idol, 1975), Ito no Kirameki (The Shining Thread, 1977), and the series Oshaberi Kaidan (The Talkative Staircase, 1978). In 1980, she published one of the most successful stories of the time, Itsumo Pokketo ni Chopin (Chopin Always in Pocket, 1980) about young musical students meeting, falling in love, and overcoming obstacles.