chapter  10
Tracing Asian Franchises: Local and Transnational Reception of Hana Yori Dango
Pages 16

This chapter explores the views and perceptions of Poland's TV executives of fiction formats, and shows how scripted formats from abroad such as Colombian Betty, La Fea and Hungarian Bartok kzt proved an instrumental resource in laying the grounds for a much-awaited (re)launch of domestic TV fiction in Poland, thus contributing to the healthy state of contemporary domestic production. A closer examination of the TV fiction programming, and fiction series produced in the years immediately following the creation of Poland's commercial sector reveals that the local revival of domestic scripted series has been supported by fiction format adaptation. To demonstrate that formatting does not necessarily kill innovation in the domestic production sector, it presents a snapshot of format activity through several TV fiction genres that have been amenable to licensing. The chapter demonstrates why certain local, European television markets may turn to transnational television in the instance transnational formats to deal with particular weaknesses of their respective production sectors.