chapter  12
Analyzing Players’ Perceptions on the Translation of Video Games: Assessing the Tension between the Local and the Global Concerning Language Use
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This chapter analyzes the new trend that reframes localization within glocalization, a strategy that acknowledges and favors the global market ab initio, where co-creation with in-country partners is integrated in international production, offering foreign consumers the true immersive experience that game designers have crafted for their compatriots. Glocalization integrates localization as part of the creative process, hence co-creation, and not as a disconnected part of post production. However, prior to glocalization, there are several localization levels that have traditionally been applied to video games. The challenge for game companies is to entertain in a variety of languages while maintaining intellectual property (IP) identity. Glocalization is not only for the market leaders that want to remain at the top, but also for new entrepreneurs that enter the crowded global arena with a less ethnocentric approach and refined understanding of global markets. At the forefront of the industry in localization are companies that focus mainly on online markets.