chapter  1
Dening ‘the Local’ in Localization or ‘Adapting for Whom?’
Pages 17

This chapter focuses on a specific Japanese adaptation of Sherlock Holmes: the anime series Meitantei Holmes, best known in English as Sherlock Hound. It demonstrates that Sherlock Hound is not only illustrative of what Susan Pointon has described as the "constant cross-pollination and popular cultural borrowing that complicate and enrich anime texts" but also provides a useful lens for analyzing the cultural politics of transnational processes of localization. The chapter explores the cross-cultural adaptation of a text across borders can involve the opposing pressure to reduce local specificity. The chapter begins with an account of the history of Sherlock Holmes adaptations within Japan. It interrogates the internationalization of anime and the processes of transnational reworking and exchange that underpin its development. The chapter explores how forces of localization work in a dynamic and symbiotic relationship with forces of globalization, and using Sherlock Hound we have studied how these impact both the production and circulation of textual meaning.