chapter  4
Audiovisual Translation Trends: Growing Diversity, Choice, and Enhanced Localization
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TV adaptation by RAI began in 1999, and Montalbano was soon extensively discussed on the Internet and other media such as the press, radio, and even comic books. In Italy, the series has become the nation's favorite, while also receiving consistently high critical praise. In the UK, the TV series was first aired as Inspector Montalbano in 2008, and all nine seasons and 26 episodes of the original RAI productions had been broadcast by the end of 2013. In the case of the TV episode under discussion, it merely serves to inform Montalbano's interlocutor that Montalbano is calling on the phone. In an article about the standardization of regionalisms in literary translation, Ritva Leppihalme found that some of the main functions of regionalisms include creating a sociocultural context, individualizing the characters, and adding humor. The same can be claimed about the use of dialect in the Montalbano series of novels and TV episodes.