chapter  5
Transformations of Montalbano through Languages and Media: Adapting and Subtitling Dialect in The Terracotta Dog
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Sesame Street is an educational US show for preschool children that has been moving across borders in multiple directions and in a variety of forms for over 40 years. Its producer, Sesame Workshop, is a very profitable non-profit organization whose educational goals are not incompatible with commercial success. Sesame Street first appeared on United States public broadcasting stations in 1969 and has remained on the air ever since, entering its 45th season in 2014. It is produced by the non-profit Sesame Workshop. The narrative framework features humans and Muppets living together in a common social space, the neighborhood 'Sesame Street'. The potential of Sesame Street as an international export was not originally clear. Co-creator Joan Ganz Cooney and the original team thought the show would be 'too quintessentially American' to resonate anywhere else'. Indeed, in the United Kingdom there was initially strong resistance to importing the show, both on media culture grounds and as a resistance against Americanization.