chapter  11
The Roles of Jews in the Florentine Sacre Rappresentazioni
Loyal Citizens, People to Be Converted, Enemies of the Faith
ByPietro Delcorno
Pages 29

This chapter investigates the roles of the Jews that appear in the peculiar medium of religious instruction. The presence and the role of the Jews were strongly debated in late fifteenth-century Florence, and this theme was addressed and presented in differentiated ways by the theatre of the brotherhoods. The presence of the Jews in the sacre rappresentazioni could also be instrumental in treating other themes, such as political power or the power of money, which was able to 'upset all the world' by monetizing everything, both the holy host and the king's justice. The chapter describes three different profiles of Jews, like: Jews as loyal citizens who were faithful to the political authority; Jews as dangerous enemies of the Christian faith; and finally Jews as individuals who could be converted- in other words, Jews as potential new Christians.