chapter  5
‘Our Sister is Little and Has No Breasts’
Mary and the Jews in the Sermons of Honorius Augustodunensis
ByKati Ihnat
Pages 20

Honorius Augustodunensis participated in the trend of exalting Virgin Mary in liturgy and prayer, developing his own theological underpinnings for Marian devotion, as well as incorporating the increasingly popular genre of miracle stories into his works to showcase her mercy and powers of intercession. Honorius' time in England brought him to Worcester Cathedral, where the desire to instruct his fellow clergy saw him at his most theologically innovative. Mary's future role in converting the Jews was clearly understood by Honorius' readers, in a series of paintings produced that once adorned the walls of the chapter house of Worcester Cathedral. When Honorius arrived in Worcester around the time of Wulfstan's death, the monks' interest in Marian devotion moved them to ask him a thorny liturgical question and Honorius' answer, the Sigillum beatae Mariae, set out an unprecedented interpretation of the biblical texts that served as the Gospel reading, Epistle, and chants for the feast.