chapter  6
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Learning on the move: green exercise for children and young people


Physical activity is a key component of green education in nature ranging from mild to moderate or vigorous kinds of exercise. Acknowledging the role that formal and informal green education can play in enabling and encouraging physical activity is also important. These approaches can help to reduce sedentary behaviours and have positive impacts on obesity, type 2 diabetes, and mental resilience (Department of Health, 2011b). Here we outline the concept of green education and explore connections with physical activity. We identify how this links to broader health and wellbeing and consider how green education fits into current education policy, and provide examples from the United Kingdom illustrating current approaches to practice and research with primary school age children (4-11 years) and young excluded people (14-25 years). We argue that green education can play an important role in improving children and young people’s physical activity levels and has a strong impact on their broader wellbeing.