chapter  7
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She has great spirit: insight into relationships between American Indian dads and daughters

WithMartin James Reinhardt, Jan Perry Evenstad, Susan Faircloth

The American Indian – Dads and Daughters Survey (AI-DADS) was developed to generate data about relationships between American Indian dads and their daughters, in an effort to inform the broader discussion on this topic, which has been largely dominated by non-Indian perspectives. This manuscript provides background on the development of the AI-DADS, highlights the results, and discusses how educators and other service providers might use the insights contained herein to better inform their policies and practices. This emphasis on father-daughter relationships is particularly important given prior research (e.g. Flouri and Buchanan 2004), which suggests early father involvement has the potential to counteract conditions that may place children at risk for lowered educational attainment levels later on in life. Lee, Kushner, and Cho (2007) also found that, “… daughters who lived with highly involved single-fathers performed better academically than …” (149) their peers who lived in other single-parent households.