chapter  3
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Welcome to a new world: experiences of American Indian tribal college and university transfer students at predominantly white institutions

WithMatthew Van Alstine Makomenaw

The road to a four-year college degree for many American Indian students begins at one of the 37 Tribal College and Universities (TCUs) across the nation. The number of students transferring from TCUs to Predominantly White Institutions (PWIs) to attain a Bachelor’s degree has been steadily increasing during the last decade (Institute for Higher Education Policy 2006). Yet, while American Indian students have been able to find success at TCUs they have not found the same level of success at four-year PWIs (Larimore and McClellan 2005). The percentage of degrees conferred for Bachelor’s degrees over the last 10 years has remained at 0.7% for American Indians (US Department of Education 2010). American Indian students continue to struggle to achieve academic success at four-year institutions.