chapter  13
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A Map Through the Minefield: A Parent’s Primer to Find Autism Treatment That Works!


Prior to the rise of the Internet and social media, there were still parents of children newly diagnosed with autism frantically searching for information about effective autism treatments. Today, this daunting task for parents of children newly diagnosed-how to differentiate between science and quackery-has not changed materially. In many ways, the job is much easier today due to the vast library of information available online; however, now parents face an overload of information that has produced a cacophony of treatment options that are significantly more sophisticated in their presentation and sales pitch. Where autism treatment is concerned, unfortunately, it is still the Wild West out there, and the snake oil salesmen have become much savvier. This chapter has two objectives: (1) introduce methods to use when evaluating research to ensure that parents choose autism treatment wisely, and (2) suggest criteria with which to judge the bona fides of a potential treatment provider, that is, how to distinguish pretenders from the genuine article.