chapter  1
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What Is Open Source Innovation? An Economic, Social, Artifact, and Innovation-Incentive Perspective with Implications for Firms


Traditionally, the protection of intellectual property is regard as a precondition for value capture. The rise of open source (OS) software and OS tangible products so-called as open design. Openness is often regarded as a dichotomous variable concern with open-source vs. closed-source and it assumes that online developer communities demand full opening of the product's source. This chapter explores openness as a gradual and multi-dimensional concept. one can find that open design projects pursue complex strategies short of complete openness and that communities value openness of software more highly than openness of hardware. The chapter suggests that open design companies can successfully implements strategies of partial openness to safeguard value that captures without alienating their developer community. The chapter presents the theoretical background to the research, specifically prior findings on the concept of openness and goes on to derive research hypotheses. After the explanation of the research methodology and data one can present empirical findings.