chapter  15
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Cinematic Storytelling Across Cultures: A Foundation for International Online Collaboration in Screenwriting


Physical borders become less and less relevant in a world where human connectivity occurs instantaneously through the Internet and social media. Instead, borders of cultural differences and similarities defi ne the parameters of engagement, artistic and otherwise. The online collaborative course Cinematic Storytelling Across Cultures (CSAC) was created in order to foster synergistic partnering between screenwriting students in the United States and Australia, who were eager to expand their awareness of both the craft and the profession, and to broaden opportunities for creative connection. In the entertainment business, fi lm and television projects are increasingly the result of international collaborative efforts in content creation, fi nancing, and physical production; therefore, transcultural collaboration is a vital skill for the professional development of students of fi lm (Bodey 2012). In this chapter, we discuss how the fostering of innovation and creativity in student partnerships was enhanced through the implementation of an active learning paradigm in our globally networked learning environment (Farrell 2009).