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Challenges and opportunities for forwarding gender, peace and security
WithKarl DeRouen, Edward Newman

This conclusion presents some closing thoughts on the concepts covered in the preceding chapters of this book. The book argues that full implementation of UNSCR 1325 has been undermined by weak enforcement and a paucity of political pressure. In one respect, UNSCR 1325 is a part of a broader movement to give greater attention to a human-focused international security agenda and to the protection of the needs and rights of individuals in peril in the name of human security. The book aims to combine the disparate feminist and empirical approaches to the development and the security outcomes during post-conflict reconstruction and describes the major theoretical and suggests ways to advance research that juxtaposes gender mainstreaming and post-conflict reconstruction. It focuses on the gender-related in the implementation of the disarmament, demobilization, rehabilitation and reintegration program in Liberia. The book demonstrates how such a research project utilizing the data can look and the centrality of the findings for both research and policy.