chapter  1
Competence Reconceived: The Shared Enterprise of Knowledge Analysis and Interaction Analysis
ByNathaniel J. S. Brown, Joshua A. Danish, Mariana Levin, and Andrea A. diSessa
Pages 19

The empirical analysis implements a combination of knowledge analysis (KA) and interaction analysis (IA) of an episode of learning in a clinical interview to illustrate how cognition and interaction are sequentially and temporally related. The analysis of interaction examines both talk and gestures during the interview. This chapter discusses the analysis of gestures that employs David McNeill's classic taxonomy: Beatgestures, Deicticgestures, Iconicgestures, and Metaphoricgestures. It presents episodes for the analysis that involves the activation of several p-prims, one of which, dynamic balance, is central to the task. Dynamic balance is relevant in situations where there are two conflicting forces acting on an object that is at rest. The chapter presents an analysis of an episode drawn from a clinical interview with Jacob, who was at the time of the interview in the 11th grade and was planning to take his first physics course in school the coming year.