Commentary: When will Science Surpass Ourintuitive Capacities As Expertpractitioners?
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This chapter describes the automated analysis based on a simple generative cognitive model. The automated analysis works by fitting this simple generative cognitive model to the transcript data. human researchers played an important role as interpreters of the results produced by the automated analyses. People see several points of convergence between the interaction analysis (IA) and knowledge analysis (KA) approaches that might be further explored to strengthen both. People propose this first set of convergence points in the hopes that others will extend and refine the list over time. Education research, and research on human behavior more generally, has seen a recent upsurge in interest in novel, computer-based analysis methods. These new methods draw on techniques from fields such as machine learning and computational linguistics to automate the analysis of data that frequently were only previously tractable with qualitative methods. Integrated analyses need to stay true to both IA and KA.