chapter  12
Parents as Skilled Knowledge Practitioners
ByJessica F. Umphress
Pages 22

Daughter: Um, ok. I’ll choose what one, though. ((walks into the sweet corn patch of the garden)) (4.2) We could pick that one, or – I think we should [pick this one. ((places her hand on an ear of corn)

Mother: [This one’s pretty big. ((gestures to a different ear of corn)) Mother: Which one? Do you think that one? Daughter: Ok. Mother: I don’t know how to tell. (·) Do you? Daughter: Mm hmm. This all-this has to be brown. ((runs her fingers along the

silk at the top of the ear of corn)) Mother: Oh really? (1.1) And then it’s ripe? How do you know? Daughter: I don’t know. I just know. That one is the brownest. Mother: Should we pick it then take it in and see what it’s like? Daughter: Yeah. ((twists the ear of corn off of the stalk))

The same mother/daughter dyad, a little later in the garden: Daughter: Mom, is dill another word for sour? ((sitting on the ground, idly

plucking at stalks of mint)) Mother: Um…. ((walks around to position herself facing her daughter from

a few feet away, standing above her)) I don’t think so. But maybe. Maybe it is.