chapter  5
French research traditions on peasant agricultural systems: a convergence with political ecology?
ByDenis Gautier, Christian A. Kull
Pages 13

Introduction Political ecology is largely an Anglophone research tradition. It has had, over the years, varying levels of contact and exchange with other linguistic, cultural, and regional research traditions outside its dominant centers in the United Kingdom and United States, via the literature as well as through personal contacts made in the field. Conversely, other national research traditions have been influenced by similar intellectual and contextual forces as those which led to political ecology, but have followed different trajectories. In France, for example, many of the key elements of a political ecological approach are present in the academy – including strong traditions of Marxist anthropology, post-structural inspirations (the names Foucault and Latour are hard to ignore), and field-based studies of agrarian systems – and yet they were never pulled together in the same way as political ecology: instead they produced alternative inspirations and communities of practice.