chapter  7
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KEY POINT: x Standards and specifications are constantly changing; always

refer to current regulations and manufacturers’ details

Contents 1 Introduction 2 Steel 3 Timber 4 Bricks and blocks 5 Concrete (cement) 6 Aluminium 7 Roofing and cladding 8 Glass 9 Ceramic materials

10 Stone and cast stone 11 Plastics 12 Glass-fibre reinforced plastics, concrete and gypsum 13 Plaster and board materials 14 Insulation materials 15 Sealants, gaskets and adhesives 16 Paints, wood stains and varnishes 17 Commodities 18 Bibliography 19 Acknowledgements

1 INTRODUCTION The majority of construction materials are supplied to metric dimensions; however, a few materials still retain their imperial designations. Where appropriate, the listings are taken from British and European Standards or trade organisations and will therefore not necessarily correspond to the full ranges offered by individual suppliers. Inevitably, changes in published Standards and Building Regulations will occur, affecting availability of particular products. Specifiers are, therefore, always advised to check current availability and delivery times.