chapter  8
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Thermal environment

WithPhil Jones

KEY POINTS: x Safety and comfort for the inhabitants are the main considera-

tions for an internal environment x The efficient use of energy and reduction in greenhouse gas

emissions come a close second

Contents 1 Introduction 2 Heat transfer mechanisms 3 Thermal comfort 4 Site and climate 5 Building fabric 6 Condensation 7 Infiltration and ventilation 8 Heating and cooling systems 9 Prediction and measurement


1.1 Thermal design Thermal design is concerned with the heat transfer processes that take place within a building, and between the building and its surroundings and the external climate, Figure 8.1. It is primarily concerned with providing comfort and shelter for the building’s occupants and contents. Thermal design therefore includes consideration of the

x climate x building form and fabric x building environmental services x occupants and processes contained within the building.