chapter  11
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WithBeryl Menzies

KEY POINTS: x Consider from first principles how a fire can start x Then how can it grow? x Will it threaten life, property or both? x How can it be fought? x How will people escape? x Only after considering all these points, refer to regulations

Contents 1 Introduction 2 Components of fire 3 Principles of fire protection 4 Means of escape 5 Materials 6 Fire protection appliances and installations 7 Statutory requirements 8 Bibliography

1 INTRODUCTION When designing a building with fire safety in mind, particularly ease of escape, it is important not to forget the needs also for usability and security. If the fire measures are seen to be too onerous (for example, a multiplicity of fire doors) they will be circumvented (propped open) and their purpose will be frustrated. Fire escape doors are often weak points when it comes to unauthorised ingress, particularly in places of public assembly.