chapter  14
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Agricultural buildings

WithJohn Weller, Rod Sheard, Frank Bradbeer and others

KEY POINTS: x Farming is an industry subject to continual change x Animal welfare and concern about pollution is leading to legis-

lative constraints, both domestic and European

Contents 1 Introduction 2 Farm animals 3 Farm machinery 4 Dairy cattle housing 5 Beef cattle and calf housing 6 Sheep housing 7 Pig housing 8 Poultry housing 9 Crop storage and effluent produced

10 Equestrian design 11 Building legislation 12 Bibliography


1.1 The agricultural economy Agriculture in the UK and also in the rest of Europe (particularly in the West) is becoming big business. Small farms and small farmers are becoming increasingly rare; marginal land is coming out of production. Owners of hitherto agricultural land are seeking other revenue-earning uses such as golf courses.