chapter  24
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Industrial facilities

WithJolyon Drury, Ian Brebner

KEY POINTS: x Constant change is endemic x Increasing demand for small units and starter accommodation

Contents 1 Introduction 2 Classification of production building types 3 Adaptability 4 Working methods 5 Machine sizes 6 Outline specification of a typical multi-strategy factory 7 Non-production accommodation 8 Bibliography


1.1 Industrial facilities An industrial facilty is a building enclosure and site within which goods are manufactured, assembled, stored or shipped/transshipped. Manufacturing processes continually develop, improve and evolve, but have generally been classified as either:

1 A transformation of elemental raw materials into a finished product or material that requires further manufacturing to become a finished product (commonly referred to as Heavy Industry). These are typified by traditional industries, such as steel manufacture, chemical manufacture, refining plants, etc.