chapter  25
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Industrial storage buildings

KEY POINTS: x Modern warehouses need the height to use mechanical aids at

maximum efficiency x Scales have increased massively; a ‘big shed’ now is ten times

the size of the largest building only 20 years ago

Contents 1 Introduction 2 Identification of warehouse and storage types 3 Preliminary decisions 4 Height, area and type of handling system 5 Storage method 6 Disposition of the racking 7 Relationship of storage method, mechanical handling equip-

ment and building height 8 Outline specification 9 Security

10 Handling equipment 11 Fire precautions 12 Bibliography

1 INTRODUCTION Few industrial storage buildings are designed to make a profit (steel stockholders and cash and carry stores are exceptions); the majority perform the function of a valve or pipeline, limiting the supply of a product to suit demand, to stabilise prices and allow steady and economic manufacture within fluctuating market conditions. Industrial storage is therefore a service at a cost that must be minimised.