chapter  34
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Restaurants and foodservice facilities

WithFred Lawson

KEY POINTS: x Services must satisfy customer demands and operating criteria x A highly competitive sector at all levels of expenditure x Labour intensive requiring efficient planning x New concepts continuously being introduced x Design life cycles are often short

Contents 1 Introduction 2 Basic planning 3 Public areas 4 Food production areas 5 Restaurants 6 Cafeterias and food halls 7 Fast-food outlets and take-aways 8 Public houses 9 Hotels and resorts

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1.1 Profile Restaurants and other facilities providing food and drink for consumption on the premises are labour intensive services which invariably operate in a highly competitive environment. These cover both commercial businesses aiming to attract the public and achieve profits from the investment and semi-or non-commercial services provided in institutions, places of employment and elsewhere. The latter need to meet specific requirements, including set cost limits, and are often operated by catering contractors. In all cases, the efficiency of every part of the operation needs to be maximised and this calls for careful planning and organisation.